31 Dec Underwater Concreting By Tremie Method: In this method, a long steel pipe ( named as tremie) having a diameter of 15 to 30 cm is inserted into. 6 Apr Tremie method is the most acceptable method of concreting under water. In this method a tremie pipe is inserted in the water up to the point. Although there are various methods for applying concrete underwater, the tremie underwater concreting method is among the best methods of placing a large.

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Merlo Construction Company, Inc.

After that, freshly mixed concrete is poured with the tremie method of underwater concreting of hopper. Tremie systems are unsuccessful if cement and water mix in tremie method of underwater concreting tremie pipe segments.

This prevents unrerwater water in to the pipe and keeps it dry. The function of the valves is to permit, restrict, stop the discharge of concrete and this method is the useful technique.

Shows opened and closed skips. To avoid intermixing water and concrete in the pipe, a wooden plug of plat is used to seal the end of the pipe. A tremie is a watertight pipe, usually of about mm inside diameter to mm[2] with a conical hopper at its upper end above the water level.

When initially charging the tremie a wad of empty cement bags or a foam rubber plug known as a pig may be stuffed into the pipe to keep the flow under control while the first concrete forces the plug down the pipe and displaces the water. Preplaced aggregate concrete method is quite good for cases where pouring ordinary concrete is difficult or improbable. Continuous flow is desirable if concreging.


tremie method of underwater concreting Tremie concrete is different from traditional concrete because of its self-compacting nature. The Seal Tremie systems are unsuccessful if cement and water mix in the tremie pipe concretinv. Thus concrete laid underwater should never be compacted or consolidated. No Comments Nov 28, The installation of the bags is similar to bricks in order to create bonds.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Due to application of jerk and weight of the concrete inside the pipe, the bottom plug fall and the concrete gets discharged. If the area of the pour is too large to manage from a single point, it is better to use several tremies in parallel than to shift a single tremie method of underwater concreting around.

Concreting Underwater By Tremie Method

The pipe is made concgeting of short sections commonly joined by screw thread with O-ring seal so that the length can be adjusted during the pour without getting the top of the pipe below the water or removing the bottom end from below the surface of the poured concrete.

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Hassan January 16, Reply. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Toggle Bags method is useful when small amount of concrete is required. An ideal slump is about five to seven inches and is considered the standard, although wider slumps are also acceptable. Many are much wider. That is why it is necessary to position the tubes in the forms before placing the aggregate. This means no mechanical vibration tremei necessary for compacting the concrete.

Sometimes other methods are used for plugging the pipe, and both improvisational and mechanical methods exist. If lateral movement is required, removing and repositioning the tremie system is recommended.

Finally, the tremie system helps cure underwater concrete placement of air pockets or honeycombing within the unxerwater mixture. The equipment that is used for conveying concrete is a bucket with double door opening at the bottom and overlapping canvas tremie method of underwater concreting which is fitted at the top to prevent concrete washing.

Air and water must be kept out of the tremie during placement by keeping the pipe full of concrete at all times. This produces a more reliable strength of the product.

After tremie method of underwater concreting pipe reaches at the desired depth, a funnel is fitted to the top end of the tremie pipe, to facilitate pouring of concrete. Along the deck of the barge a tilting pallet is constructed upon which concrete is spread uniformly and then fell trsmie the water freely.

The cement flow undrwater seals the pipe from water pressure. Tremie pipe typical arrangement is shown in Figure Another type of valve is available which can be used tremie method of underwater concreting pour concrete at a depth of 52m without immersing end of the pipe. Then concrete having a very high slump of about mm to mm is poured into the funnel, until the whole length of tremie pipe is filled up with concrete.

No compaction is required for under water concreting, as concrete gets compacted by the hydrostatic pressure of water. Where tremie method of underwater concreting derrick and crane cannot be properly deployed, a barge hoist tower or cofferdam can also be used for large tremie pipe movement. Also, the tremie system helps improve curing conditions for underwater projects since it gives the concrete a dry vessel to prevent water contamination.

Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail address. The methpd opening must be kept well immersed in the placed concrete, allowing flow from within the placement. Concrete must be poured at a rate which avoids setting in the tremie. Ashutosh Kumar Srivastava April 2, Reply.

uderwater It is critically important to concrete quality that the tremie discharge remains well embedded in the concrete. Concrete for tremie placement should have a very high slump tremie method of underwater concreting about mm to mm. There are different types of valves which are employed for underwater concreting such as Abetong-Sabema and Shimizu.

It concretkng helps prevent cement loss due to turbulent water flow and dilution in certain environments. This engineering-related article is a stub. Articles with short description All stub articles. The lower end of tremie method of underwater concreting tremie pipe must be closed with a check valve before inserting it into the water.

A flexible hose which hydrostatically compressed is employed to pour concrete.