The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ was originally published in by its author, the Russian-born and well-traveled aristocrat, Nicolas Notovitch. It consists of a. The Unknown Life. OF. JESUS CHRIST. Bv the Discoverer of the Manuscript. NICOLAS NOTOVITCH. Translated from the French by. ALEXINA LORANGER. The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ has ratings and 29 reviews. Rama said: The Indian gospel of Jesus Christ summarized by NotovitchLong before J.

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He goes on to say: Fida Hassnaina Kashmiri writer, has stated:.

But I liked it anyways. I skipped Nicolas’ journey and went straight for the Issa Nicolae. The the unknown life of jesus christ nicolas notovitch manuscript in Pali was prepared “three or four years” after Christ’s death, on the basis of reports by local Tibetans and the accounts from wandering merchants regarding his crucifixion.

Notovitch studied and summarized his findings inand later inSwami Abhedananda of the Ramakrishna Order Vedanta Society reviewed and verified the authenticity of the apocrypha by personally studying them at Himis monastery. The part on the divinity of the feminine is extremely beautiful. The interesting stuff starts at half of the book when Notovitch finally get access to the scriptures about Issa.

Religion should be treated like science in order for the real truth to be realized. The Gospel According to Notovitcch, Christ’s Childhood Palabsurdist author Christopher Moore parodies the notion that between the ages jesud 15 and 30, Jesus traveled to Tibet to study Buddhism in a monastery after first having traveled to Afghanistanthen to India to study Hinduism.

Then in his late 20’s he went back to Israel to finish his mission. Ncolas Nicholas Roerich and Elisabeth Caspari confirmed the existence of these documents during their visits to the Buddhist monastery at Himis The translation into English from the original French has been beautifully rendered, and the work of Notovitch is highly illuminating and explains the whereabouts of Jesus in his adolescent years.

Skorupski, The Cultural Heritage of Ladakhp. The third part of the book gives interesting insights into some Eastern religions and does notovitcb forth compellingly readable theories as to the truth behind the stories of the Bible.

The book that started it all! India has strong spiritual qualities about her. Gerald O’Collins classified Kersten’s work as the repackaging of the same stories. The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man: Nicolas Notovitch, a Russian man, set out to study the customs and inhabitants of Jrsus amid their own surroundings, as well as the majestic spendor nltovitch the nature of the country.

Nov 12, G. La Vie The unknown life of jesus christ nicolas notovitch de Jesus Christ. Although he was not impressed with his story, Sir Francis Younghusband recalls his meeting the unknown life of jesus christ nicolas notovitch Nicolas Notovitch near Uknnownnot long after Notovitch had left Hemis monastery.

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ by Nicolas Notovitch

Notovitch is known for his book claiming that during the unknown years of Jesushe left Galilee for India and studied with Buddhists and Hindus there before returning to Judea. According to this book, Jesus spent this time in India, learning about Buddhism.

Issa If you have an enquiring mind regarding the true life of the real man then read this as it is very likely. However, there is no trace of the original document, some say it was taken as part of the Chi The unknown life of jesus christ nicolas notovitch is an interesting account copied from a document found with the Tibetan Buddhists in the s.

Long before Jesus was born, India had become a familiar place in the Middle East because of the trade, and also missionary work of Buddhists beyond the Indian subcontinent.

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

This was translated into Tibetan language by the Buddhist Lamas. Notovitch says that he himself afterward grouped the verses “in accordance with the requirements of the narrative. Maureen rated the unknown life of jesus christ nicolas notovitch it was ok Dec 11, It also tries to exonerate the Pharisees from taking any part in condemning Jesus to death. Return to Book Page. When Jesus is about 28 years old, he heads back to his homeland to preach the glory of God, passing through many countries; Afghanistan, Persia and many Middle Eastern countries, before arriving in Israel.

After his return to Bengal, the Swami asked his assistant Thee Chaitanya to prepare a manuscript of the travelogue based on the notes he had taken. The lamas told Swami that Jesus Christ came secretly to Kashmir after his resurrection and lived in a monastery surrounded by many disciples. Issa is welcomed by the Jains, but leaves them to spend time among the Buddhists, and spends six years among them, learning Pali and mastering their religious the unknown life of jesus christ nicolas notovitch.

The book suggests that he spent that time studying at the hands of Buddhist masters during a sojourn into India.

Nicolas Notovitch

While I do agree that the Gospels of the New Testament nicolaz written in such a way that can be construed as harshly vilifying the Jews and sympathizing with Pilate and his position, it is a well established fact that Jewish leaders at the time did make deals with Roman governors to try and make life under Roman rule as comfortable as possible. Too many nicilas to tell too little.

One rumor that has circulated for years has been that Jesus went to India during this time. Retrieved from ” https: There’s nothing the unknown life of jesus christ nicolas notovitch contradicts my views on Jesus here,and pleanty that enhances my understanding of the the Nazarene.

The writing wasn’t bad, and while I skimmed through the majority of the book, a few accounts were worth stopping to read fully. Mar 22, Mike rated it it was ok.