Table of Contents for The paths we choose: a memoir / Sully Erna, available from the Library of Congress. Buy a cheap copy of The Paths We Choose book by Sully Erna. With over ten million albums sold and multiple Grammy nominations, the hard rock band. User Review – Flag as inappropriate. One of the better rock memoirs. Whether it’s because he’s a local guy or more in-depth with his stories, I enjoye this more.

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Those problems just stay inside your subconscious and brew until your body gets to a point where it’s had enough and decides to release some of the stress itself. Best Selling in Nonfiction See all. As far as the book is concerned I do feel bad for him to have to experience the kind of crap he went thro First off, I would oaths to coose that I am in fact a fan of Godsmack!

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I also felt bad about his relationships with women who always cheated on him, I know I never would have! I would never dream in a million years that Sully Erna suffered from panic attacks so bad he wouldn’t leave his house.

And he showed how hard it is to not only live your dream but keep it eully long enough to see it fulfilled. Oct 08, Jpwranglerlady rated it really liked it. I picked up this book because I really wanted to learn more about Sully, the frontman of Godsmack. Sully continues to amaze!!

This guy has overcome so much to get where he is at, it’s Amazing! Inspiring My first ever autobiography read and I’m so fortunate that it was Sully’s! When I first started the book, it honestly surprised me with the word choice that he used. The way it was written, you felt like you were right there with him seeing him do some of the hilarious things he describes, like being a little kid and wanting to open his Christmas presents.

He takes us through his journey of discovering it, starting as “just another punk in wd street” in the industrial, crime-ridden city of Lawrence, Massachusetts, where it would have been so easy to stay that way-but he knew he had a different path to follow!

He is a father and a kind soul. Refresh and try again. This book is a very honest and concise account of the events that Sully Salvetore Erna felt shaped the man who went on to front, and be the driving force behind, Godsmack. He learned that talent and passion were not enough; he also had to know who to trust.

If you don’t confront these things and deal with them, your body does it for you. Amazing individual and even greater musician!

That video intruced me to not only the wonder that is Rock music but also Erna’s lion roar voice. I didn’t’ expect anything less from him. He really did have a bit of a Napoleon complex, but he was very lucky for the things he dealt with that he survived in the neighborhood he did. It was a fast easy read and it had grit to it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Sully should be commended for writing his own book not hiring a writer. BUT, he made this book laughable at the same time. I always admired Sully’s talent, but now I admire him as a person not only musician. Just never forget that there is definitely a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow- it’s just a son of a bitch getting there! I am also in the camp of Team Parhs when it comes to the Sully vs Nikki Sixx celebrity uslly as it were. I saw many disappointed people by the fact that there is not much about Godsmack fame moments, but as Sully said it alone this is a story which he still lives on and its too early to tell.

The Paths We Choose: A Memoir – Sully Erna – Google Books

View all 3 comments. The Paths We Choose: I appreciate that he wrote this book himself and didn’t employ a ghost writer. I am a huge fan of Sully and Godsmack. It describes Sully’s childhood growing up in a very intense neighborhood, and he had go grow up very quickly. No ratings or reviews yet. Every day brings a new fork in the road another path to choose. I hope he writes more in the near future!!!

The Paths We Choose : A Memoir by Sully Erna (2016, Paperback)

Especially when the odds were against them. Musical fame was never a given for Sully Erna. A friend of mine met him somewhere in Arkansas and said what a cool, down to earth guy he was to hang out with!

Thank you for telling your story, Sully. It’s funny listening to some of his antics that he’d get into as a young punk as street rat.

The music became more intimate, more real its even easier to feel it, after reading this book. Nice job Sully – maybe we’ll meet some day.

The Paths We Choose : A Memoir by Sully Erna (2007, Hardcover)

The whole book is written as if Sully is actually talking to you rather than preaching what it is he wants to talk about to the readers, so don’t expect proper grammar and word choice thr First off, I have grown up listening to Godsmack pretty much my whole life, so I figured that I may as well read the book, since my mom said that it was a very good book.

He chkose that talent and passion were not enough; he also had to know who to trust. However, at the same time, it was very refreshing and choos different to many of the books that I usually read. Here, Sully delves with surprising chooes into the emotional struggles that almost forced him to abandon his ambitions.

Erna has been immersed in the world of rock ever since he got his first drum set at the age of five.