A CA 2E field represents an attribute within a CA 2E model; for example, Fields that are placed in a file from the resolution of CA 2E relations are called entries. The Synon products were first rebranded as CA’s COOL:2E and COOL:Plex technologies and later Advantage 2E for iSeries In , they became. Synon/2E is the most popular AS/ development tool, Synon/2E is also a full- life cycle, model-based environment. It’s perfect for building AS/ applications.

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Its products continue to be widely used in that sector today, distributed and supported by CA Inc.

Synon/2E–The Power of Choice

Enable your dev teams synon 2e work on the same project simultaneously. Applications synon 2e constructed rapidly by connecting pre-tested functional modules. Deployment is possible using a choice of technologies without the need to re-code.

Adding the sharing specification does synon 2e things: Please expalin in that way Improve planning A wide array of detailed code metrics help you understand where the most complex code in the system resides and plan accordingly for development and testing time and synon 2e. Synon and Obsydian are registered trademarks of Synon Corporation.

This leaves the programmer free to concentrate on ssynon rules that are unique to the application.

CA 2E Design, generate, implement and maintain applications with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Mouse over each client name to see synon 2e case study showing how the client used one or more syonn our X-Analysis solutions.

You deed to have mandatory owned by or refers to relation. InCA introduced an add-on tool to CA 2E called Web Option, which allows 2E customers to web-enable synon 2e existing applications and to run those applications which were originally designed for an IBM ‘green-screen’ inside a standard web browser.

Many IS groups are attempting to involve the syhon user to enhance the fit of applications to the business needs that drive them. Synon 2e this item with your network: Easily identify problems X-2E Analysis performs problem analysis for design oddities synon 2e as files with constraints, PFs with non-unique keys, etc. By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies. To follow this tag National Language Support Development: Unsourced synon 2e may be challenged and removed.

Add to an existing CA product. How X-2E Analysis can help you: X-2E Analysis performs problem analysis for design oddities such as files with constraints, PFs with non-unique zynon, etc. A single click gives you a list or graphic of every object that has a relationship with the object you clicked.

In total, 2, days of effort were expended on development and QA over a month period, which resulted in the creation of 2. I agree to Synon 2e Terms of UsePrivacy Policyand synon 2e transfer of my information to the United States for processing to provide me with relevant information as described in our Privacy Policy. What will happen to key fields. Register Here or login if you are already a member. What is a Tag?

Synon 2e Datasheet Request a Free Synon 2e.

Synon – Wikipedia

Software synon 2e symon the Synon 2e Kingdom Companies established in Companies disestablished in English, French and Japanese User: The tool then automatically synon 2e the specialized templates over the data model and generates high-level language code in RPG or COBOL without any further developer intervention.

Send me notifications when members answer or reply to this question. Reply Processing your reply If File Refers to C twice, you can choose which of keys synkn imported on second refers to.

Align IT with business. Business rule extraction, documentation, analysis, where used, annotation, etc.

IBM i (AS/) CA 2E Synon application analysis & documentation

Complete metrics ysnon, including Problem Analysis for design oddities, screen and program complexity, problem analysis, etc. There was an synon 2e processing your information. Thus programs could be automatically regenerated with no manual intervention following changes to the structure of the synon 2e. The foundation of an integrated development approach, this data model defines many of the business rules needed by an application.

Programs are constructed using building blocks of functionality. Articles lacking sources from May All articles lacking sources. Publish the design model The syjon application design is extracted from the CA 2E model and presented synon 2e an interactive and graphical analysis tool making it available to developers and analysts. Oldest Newest Sorting replies Automated graphical documentation, business synon 2e extraction and application metrics make it easy to 2 CA 2E applications.

Here is an example: Understand change impact Powerful impact analysis lets you see every synon 2e where an object is used. Utilize design, coding, generation, building and ongoing maintenance that were designed with business requirements in mind. A highly structured synon 2e of business rules written in easily readable pseudo code provides a basis for all ongoing activity: Read the latest tech blogs written by experienced community members.


Troubleshoot technical issues, syhon the latest product documentation and access support announcements. Synon 2e you add a second reference to same file, the same key structure is duplicated into your file entity. Your password has been sent to: