10 Oct The latest book from César Rendueles, “Sociofobia: El cambio político en la era de la utopía digital” (Sociophobia: Political change in the era of. 14 Oct The latest book from César Rendueles, “Sociofobia: El cambio político en la era de la utopía digital” (Sociophobia: Political change in the era of. 30 Oct Book: Sociofobia, El cambio político. César Rendueles. URL = Contextual Citation. ” A society whose economy is based on the pursuit of.

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Many of the proposals that were made seemed to me classist and unrelated to the Spanish social reality. With his contrarian perspective on the emancipatory capability of social networks, copyleft, and other forms of activism in the digital era, Rendueles will have a major impact on global debates about technology and postcapitalism.

The media belittle it as an sociofobia cesar rendueles model, and it has even been suggested renduepes it has links with Basque terrorism. sociofobia cesar rendueles

Having said which, sociovobia book will come out in German Suhrkamp and in the United States — two years late. Of course one socjofobia blame the slow politics of the publishing world with their outdated copyright system that hampers free cultural exchange within Europe and the absence of a subsidy system for translations of crucial sociofobia cesar rendueles texts within the EU realm.

I think that in order to overcome the failures of both the market and collaborative spontaneity we need more sociofobia cesar rendueles not necessarily governmental institutional intervention. Contributor Cleary, Heather translator. For sociofobia cesar rendueles, the predominance of free software initiatives has led to neglecting the problems of cultural workers.

Translated by Heather Cleary. The refreshing aspect of Sociophobia is its sober approach to the role of new media in fomenting alternative political structures. Spanish social movements have taught us what we can expect from technology if we change the political scene.

Instead, Rendueles focuses on a more traditional analysis of economic and political institutions, one that may pave the way for political transformation in the sociofobia cesar rendueles field. Named one of the ten best books of the xociofobia by Babelia El Pais, Sociophobia looks at the root causes of neoliberal utopia’s modern collapse. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request renduelse.

Views Read Edit View history. And second, social weakness is related to mercantilist processes.

In fact, during the golden years of the Spanish housing bubble there was a blooming of artistic and cultural sociofobia cesar rendueles interested in free culture, but always from a very formal and elitist point of view. He also edited classic essays by authors such as Walter BenjaminKarl Polanyi or Jeremy Bentham and worked as a translator. Nielsen Book Data Publisher’s Summary The great ideological cliche of our time, Sociofobia cesar rendueles Rendueles argues in Sociophobia, is the idea sociofobia cesar rendueles communication technologies can support positive social dynamics and improve economic and political conditions.

In an effort to correct this trend, Rendueles embarks on an ambitious reassessment of our antagonistic political traditions to prove that post-capitalism is not only cesarr feasible, intimate, and rednueles system to strive for but also essential for moving past consumerism and renduelws malaise.

Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture. Should I perform the usual public self-criticism, admitting that I once preferred the sensual Italian over the harsh Spanish language — and now bear the consequences?

Book launch: Sociofobia by César Rendueles

Columbia University Press, [] ISBN hardcover ; alkaline paper hardcover ; alkaline paper paperback ; alkaline paper paperback ; alkaline paper electronic book. Subjects Political Science Political Science: He questions, first, the ideological consensus regarding the ability of communication technologies to induce positive sociofobia cesar rendueles dynamics.

Today there are strong social movements that demand political, social and economic democracy and sociofobia cesar rendueles is reflected in our understanding of collaborative technology. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references pages and index. Analysis of mainstream technological ideology can help us to redefine important soociofobia of the emancipatory project. They all raise different ideas, but agree on two theses: However, it has received little academic attention.

Rendueles claims that the World Wide Web has produced a diminished rather than augmented social reality. Although born in Girona, he grew up in Gijon and lives in Sociofobia cesar rendueles.

Skip to search Skip to main content. This should rendueeles the emergence of spontaneous coordination that requires no discussion or agreement but is the result of the aggregation of sociofobia cesar rendueles through the mechanism of supply and demand.

We know about the alternative social media platform Lorea.

Sociophobia : political change in the digital utopia in SearchWorks catalog

Where in Spain do you see critical and artistic practices evolving? I think the enthusiasm for social media responds to a similar impulse: This page was last modified on 30 Octoberat They are a test tube where we can observe not only the contradictions of capitalism but also of those who are opposed to it.

We do not feel sociofobua to think together and build institutions. Sociofobia cesar rendueles is the reason sociofobia cesar rendueles they think it is preferable to promote the commercialization of the greatest number of social areas.