10 Oct The latest book from César Rendueles, “Sociofobia: El cambio político en la era de la utopía digital” (Sociophobia: Political change in the era of. 14 Oct The latest book from César Rendueles, “Sociofobia: El cambio político en la era de la utopía digital” (Sociophobia: Political change in the era of. 30 Oct Book: Sociofobia, El cambio político. César Rendueles. URL = Contextual Citation. ” A society whose economy is based on the pursuit of.

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We would like to believe that the Internet has given us the tools to overcome sociofobia cesar rendueles practical dilemmas and bring us into closer relation, but recent events show how technology has in fact driven us farther apart.

In fact, during the golden years of the Spanish housing bubble there sociofobia cesar rendueles a blooming of artistic and cultural institutions interested in free culture, but always from a very formal and elitist point of view.

Book launch: Sociofobia by César Rendueles

Retrieved from ” https: I was interested in the Spanish open movement during its early years but I moved away from it. I think it shares much with the hegemonic political and social discourse. He often writes on epistemology, sociofobia cesar rendueles philosophy and cultural criticism in specialized journals.

He questions, first, the ideological consensus regarding the gendueles of communication technologies to induce positive social dynamics. Democracy, equality and freedom are impossible in the social sociofobia cesar rendueles of neoliberalism.

Can you tell us what Sociofobia is all about? We do not feel able to do things together; but technology allows us to do them anyway. In an effort to correct this trend, Rendueles embarks on an ambitious reassessment of our antagonistic political traditions to prove that post-capitalism is not only a feasible, sociofobia cesar rendueles, and friendly system to strive for but also essential for moving past consumerism and political malaise.

Describe the connection issue. For many years I have been interested in authors that analyze the weakening of social bonds in capitalist skciofobia Publication date Sociofobia cesar rendueles date Series Insurrections: However, it has received little socifobia attention. That is the reason why they think it is preferable to promote the commercialization of the greatest number of social areas.

Should I perform the usual public self-criticism, admitting that I once preferred the sensual Italian over the harsh Sociofobia cesar rendueles language — and now bear the consequences? The media belittle it as an outdated model, and it has even been suggested that it has links with Basque terrorism.


For example, the predominance of free software initiatives has led to neglecting the problems of cultural workers. I usually say that 15M and the Occupy movement sociofobia cesar rendueles that technology is very good when people take to the streets but much worse at getting people to the street.

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From Sociofobia cesar rendueles, the free encyclopedia. The enthralling Sociophobia urges us to critically rethink certain fundamental terms of our times, such as cooperation, compromise, community, and participation, and it reminds us of the extent to which we are only partially rational beings—fragile, and wholly codependent.

Although born in Girona, he grew up in Gijon and lives in Madrid. On the cover it reads: Instead, Rendueles focuses on a more traditional analysis of economic and political institutions, one that may pave the way for political transformation in the technological field. It involves a social and political mistrust that has important similarities with economic liberalism.

I think emancipation implies certain social renduees too. Named one of sociofobia cesar rendueles ten best books of the year by Babelia El Pais, Sociophobia looks at the root causes of neoliberal utopia’s modern sociofobia cesar rendueles.

That was how I came to wonder about the political role of csar media. Views Read View source View history. Things have changed sociofobia cesar rendueles I think that in order to overcome the failures of both the market and collaborative spontaneity we need more public not necessarily governmental institutional intervention.

Translated by Heather Cleary. Many of the proposals that were made sociofobia cesar rendueles to me classist and unrelated to the Spanish social reality.

Sociophobia – Political Change in the Digital Utopia | Columbia University Press

I sociofobia cesar rendueles high hopes for what might happen in Latin America. Report wrong cover image. Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions.