Support – JV Owner’s Manuals. Owner’s Manual. END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT Please read this document carefully before proceeding with. convenient reference. The documentation for the JV consists of two manuals: “Quick form without the written permission of ROLAND CORPORATION. 19 Oct Collection synthmanuals-roland; synthmanuals; manuals; additional_collections Identifier synthmanual-roland-jvowners-manual.

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Insert the memory card into the card slot. Press [F6] Execute roland jv 2080 manual execute the copy. The diagram shows ropand pitch roland jv 2080 manual relative to equal temperament that will occur in the low and high ranges.

Then press [Fl] — [F5] to access the desired page. Higher settings will produce a more gradual change in volume. This allows you to play back or create GM scores music data created for GM sound modules. If the Control Source page appears, press [F4] Control once again. The Tone will sound after the time specified by Time.

The indicator will blink, and the Part number will appear in the upper right of the display. Explanations of the setting items are provided for each Output Assign.

The corresponding Initialize page will appear. Higher settings will foland the region affected by P2 Gain to be narrower. With the factory settings, these are both ON.

Full text of “Roland JV Owner’s Manual”

The volume will be modified in the range below the Position setting. Reverb Send Level Specify the depth of reverb. If you experience any hearing loss or ringing in the ears, you should consult an audiologist. Please be aware of this situa- tion.

The key 1 octave below the current- ly selected key will be selected. Let’s select one of these and synchronize the corresponding parameter to the clock.

This type of filter cuts the portion that lies above the cutoff frequen- cy. Delay Right Delay time right Specify the manuap time from the original sound until the right delay sound is heard. Press [F6] Execute to execute saving. Afterwards, be roland jv 2080 manual to wipe the unit thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth.

Including the currently selected number, items will be displayed in numerical order in sets of When the cursor is located at the percussion instrument sound keyyou can also use [E] — [H] to select the roland jv 2080 manual instrument sound key.

Sounds you yourself create can be stored in this group. Factory settings “Waveforms” -p.

A The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage” within the product’s roland jv 2080 manual that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.

If you turn off the power or select another Patch or Performance while the ” ” symbol is displayed, the mod- ified settings will be lost.

Roland JV-2080 Owner’s Manual

The modified condition will not be held even roland jv 2080 manual pedal messages are received. Since the high frequency range is cut, the sound will become more mellow. Press [F6] Menu several times to select Menu 1. The pitch will change over a fixed time, regardless of the pitch.

When circuit board installation is com- plete, double-check your work.

Maual specified area will be displayed graphically. The set- ting is expressed as the frequency of the A4 key. Pan Output pan Specify the stereo location of the output sound.

Roland JV Owner’s Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Explanations of each parameter item will be found on the reference page given in the diagram. Bend Range Down Specify the amount in semitones of pitch bend that will occur when the bender lever of a connect- ed Vj keyboard is moved to the far left position or for a wheel, the fully downward position.

For All Press [F2] All. Mix Mix level Specify the volume of the phase-shifted sound, relative to the roland jv 2080 manual sound.