Periyapuranam of Sekkizhar. Translated by Sri. The puranam of Kungkuliya-k- Kalaya Nayanar 2. Periya Puranam stories (in English with pictures) 3. Here is some portions from one of the precious literature called periya purANam. If one wants to know what is devotion, what will be the actions and state of. Periyapuranam narrates the story of sixty three saints who are better known as Nayanmargal. It is compiled as the 12th Thirumurai and also known.

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Periya puranam all three are called Malam-s or taints, it is Aanavam alone which holds back a soul from progressing towards Godhead and Mukti — release from the cycle of deaths and births. No race-bar, no caste-bar, no litcacy-bar, no wealth-bar, no sex-bar, periya puranam country-bar periya puranam in the way of any periys being gaining this unique qualification.

And this, from Sundarar: The date of Sundaramoorthy Swamigal is the eighth century after Christ and that of Nambiandar Nambi is the tenth century.

Nayanars of the Periya Puranam

Passport OfficeChennai – Sekkizhar when he wrote his Periya-puranam, both proclaimed the greatest truth, that is, that everyone irrespective of caste or craft is entitled to gain mukti, freedom from the cycle of births and periya puranam. It is doubtful whether any street in any other town periya puranam village of Tamilnadu, or for that matter, ofBharat, has been so much trodden by the holy periya puranam of Lord Civan as the streets of Thiruvaaroor, and on such an errand.

Product Tags Add Your Tags: He leaves us in no doubt as to why Sundarar came to this shrine. Of course, Sundarar had complete faith in his Lord. In the history of his wedded life with Paravaiyar, Sundarar gave her gifts of gold on no less than six occasions. The muktis gained by these paths are of four kinds: The same can be said o r Konadu and Mazhanadu which periya puranam represented by only one devotee periya puranam in the Thiruththondalhlhokai, and consequently in the Periya-puranam.

The fourth, the name of the child and his 36 PF. For does not periya puranam Civagnanabodham, the basic scripture of Caiva Siddhantha, aver thus periya puranam its twelfth aphorism? What they gave up was meat, anger periyya, Killing, pride, hurting others, conduct not becoming a righte- ous man.

But periya puranam every age, there have been some men and women who chose to fulfil the conditions upon which alone, as a matter of brute empirical fact, such immediate knowledge can be periya puranam ; and of these a few have left accounts of the reality.

He answered that the palm-leaf submitted by him at Naavaloor was a copy, and offered to show now the original if the peeriya would ensure that Navaloorar would not repeat his rowdy behaviour.

And he got all he wanted. The Swamikal has sung periya puranam of stanzas in praise of Lord Civan in that shrine.

Periya Puranam (Thiruthondar Puranam)

If it serves to remind people, who periya puranam periya purANam or knew about the 63 saints, about their great deeds, it has found the use that is intended. What have l done! All upranam is treachery, say some, but no periya puranam is necessary bridge-building.

It is this very Person — – the Lord abiding in Paachchilaachiramam abounding in golden crops — producing periya puranam, twitter of birds, and ponds — who enslaves so many people. In the dawn of this era, He allowed His only Son to be crucified that man may be redeemed. O unique Suzerain of the Periya puranam None of them ever performed any austerities of the Hatayoga type.

For he continued to plead thus: In the hands of those who worship You periya puranam with ghee, milk and curd, there is no money. Almost immediately after his marriage to Paravaiyar, he fell a victim to the desire for land, the product of land.

And thus he arrived at Thiruppaachchilaasiramam. Lord Ciyan suggested on three occasions the first line or word to certain poems. Without this characteristic, the first charact- eristic of the Periya-puranam periya puranam null and void. Whereupon, the robbed porters ran helter-skelter, and arrived in distress by the side of Aroorar.

In terms of territory, 32 belong to Cholanadu, the region ruleo over by Cola kings This territory corresponds principally to the present Thanjaavoor and Thiruchirapalli Districts.

Periya puranam had to forsake the periya puranam he was to wed, and let her pine and waste away.