25 Mar Vidyasagar, Ishwar Chandra () Sanskrit scholar, writer, educationist, humanist pundit, social reformer and philanthropist, was born. 15 Jun There is a good biography of the late Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar in the Bengali language; but the fame of the venerable Pandit is not confined. 16 Jun Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Isvar Chandra Vidyasagar was born on the 26th day of September, in the year , corresponding.

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He wrote a number of books that hold primary importance in Bengali culture.

Women and Social Reform in Modern India: I have ventured to glean these facts from Mr. It was chqndra this wise that Birsingha became our place of abode. Ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in was a man of character and defined his own path of action and took a decision based on his own judgment. He had to suffer for upwards of a month from the effects of the wound, and the sore mark was visible on ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in back as long as he lived. He took his job seriously and wanted to improve the syllabus of the College, but faced obstacles from the conservative secretary, Rasamay Datta.

Of the two sons, Thakurdas was the first, and Kalidas, the second. Retrieved from ” https: Vidyasagar was always vocal about the oppression that the society inflicted on women at that time.

In spite of this moral victory for the liberals, the Act had only a limited success. He proved by his own research that there were no injections against a widow remarrying. In his very first literary work, vetalpanch vingshatiVidyasagar amply proved that he was just retelling the stories of Vetal, rather than translating them.

To support himself biogtaphy the family, Ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in Chandra also took a ishwat job of teaching at Jorashanko. From this time forward, the troubles of Thakurdas with respect to his meals were over.

Isvar Chandra Vidyasagar, a story of his life and work/Chapter 1

Chanvra woman, who sold the rice, enquired of the boy what he needed, and the hungry boy only ventured to for a little water to drink. For a few days she lived here comfortably, but presently her misfortune began anew, for she soon saw that she could not live peacefully in her father’s house, as ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in had imagined.

He distributed simple medicines to the poor, and attended to their needs with a kindness which touched them. Ramjay Tarkasiddhanta’s bodily strength was equal to the strength of his mind.

He encouraged feudal to donate some money for setting up schools. He married Dinamani Devi when he was only fourteen years old and the couple had the only son named Naraya Chandra Bandyopadhyay. Contact our editors with your feedback.

We want teachers who know both Bengali and the English Language, and at the same time are free from ln prejudices.

This page was last edited on 27 July ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in, at The life without chandga is like a boat without a sailor, in which there is no discretion of ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in, it also moves in a light breeze. He did not just chandda there.

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Biography – Facts, Life History & Contribution of Social Reformer

Ishwar felt at ease vkdyasagar Bhagabat’s large family and settled down comfortably in no time. Ramjay vidyasayar now no other alternative than to let fall his iron cudgel on the bear’s head, which killed it on the spot.

Meanwhile he had also cleared his Law examination in During his travels, he witnessed the pathetic conditions in which people lived. Amidst this outburst of ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in, the earnest reformer stood unmoved and unappalled.

Boosted with his success in legalising widow remarriage, Vidyasagar petitioned to the government for the abolition of Kulin polygamy and, later, early marriage. Presently, he found himself standing before a shop, where a ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in widow was selling such poor victuals, as Muri fried husked rice boography murki fried paddy soaked in molasses.

Identify Actors By Beard. He told the boy to come to him after night-fall, and the poor pupil daily attended the night school and received lessons vidyasxgar of cost. For this reason, his employers, wheresoever bipgraphy was employed, were all highly satisfied with him. These ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in a semi-starvation, hard domestic labour, and close restriction on their ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in to leave ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in house or be seen by strangers.

The appointment had great influence on his life, as it led him to take up the study of the English language, of which he had learnt very little before. His first article on this subject appeared in Bengal Spectator April when he had just come out of Sanskrit College. Other men anxiously trace their descent from ancestors of rank and wealth; it is characteristic of Vidyasagar that he proudly traced his descent from men who were poor, beyond our modern conceptions of poverty.

Apart from modernising and reforming Sanskrit College; and establishing vernacular and girls’ schools, his most important contribution to education was the textbooks he wrote and published. Thus Vidyasagar also fought against the system of polygamy.

Isvar Chandra Vidyasagar, a story of his life and work/Introduction

Thinkers of the Indian Renaissance Second ed. During his later years his health deteriorated and he died in At a time when everyone in society was expected to follow the trodden path and never to challenge traditional values and morals, he established a unique example of individuality and independence. When Ramkrishna met Vidyasagar, he praised Vidyasagar as the ocean of wisdom. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was an Indian polymath and a social reformer. Ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The veteran Educationist felt himself unjustly treated; and inbefore he had reached his fortieth year, Vidyasagar severed his connexion with ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in Government, and resigned his appointments, carrying a pay of Rs.

With the kindliness of her race, the poor ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in not only gave him to drink, but also supplied him with some curd and sweetened rice,—and even asked the boy to come again to the shop whenever he went without his daily food. Un worked in the college for five years. The people were less luxurious. Self-restraint moderation gives discrimination; mediation gives concentration; peace, satisfaction, and charity give humanity.

It appears that he imbibed these virtues from his father and grandfather.