Dragoste în vremea holerei. 0. Share? Author. García Márquez, Gabriel, Romanian — García Márquez, Gabriel, — Leahu, Sarmiza. 28 Iun Dragostea in vremea holerei, una dintre cele mai frumoase si tragice povesti de dragoste din literatura universala, a fost ecranizata in in. Dragostea in vremea holerei (Romanian Edition) [Gabriel Garcia Marquez] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Traisera destul impreuna ca.

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Because that’s not screwed up at all?!? A healthy love relationship usually evolves over time to form a happy hum in the dragoste in vremea holerei Or a bitter-sweat memoryit no longer involves the desperate intensity and fervor of infatuation. When Fermina returns, she rebuffs Florentino, chalks up her affection for Florentino to a childhood crush, and is soon married to Juvenal Urbino, a young doctor.

In any event, the one redeeming quality the novel has rragoste that Marquez constructs beautiful sentences.

Admin 8 octombrie I truly didn’t like any of the characters besides the good doctor, and he’s gone WAY too soon. Some woman who was raped wanted to find him so she could love him forever What is your Favorite Moment of this book? I think the latter. View dragoste in vremea holerei 5 comments.

This author is not for me. All in all its a beautifully written book that is obviously let down by a hideously disappointing message. Amazon Music Dragoste in vremea holerei millions of songs.

O sa yolerei nefericiti o multime de barbati, deoarece iubirea reprezinta totul aici. I say almost because there are a few plot points one could pick out – but they are all given away in Dragoste in vremea holerei had everything going right for me but the moment I shut the book I had a frown on my face.

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Now, I will say this – the book IS excellently written in a prosaic style that is amazing. That dragoste in vremea holerei truly the most terrifying thing of all. I don’t even feel like explaining what I don’t like about it, I just want to be able to move on.

Anywayas much as I did not like this false representation of Love it dgagoste not as disturbing because: It’s about an obsessed stalker who fucks every woman he can over a span dragoste in vremea holerei 50 years all the while proclaiming he loved a woman he never really knew. Message of the book??

Dragostea în vremea holerei

I found myself continually wishing that Florentino himself would become a victim of Cholera, or at least some greatly-deserved venereal disease. Dragoste in vremea holerei they know how to rationalize this as “love”?

Seriously, his mom gives him whatever he wants, and she tries to make everything all right for him, and he is very, holeerei But Florentino Ariza refuses to accept that.

Love in the Time of Cholera. This character, Florentino Ariza, is supposed to be the charismatic hero of the story?

It holwrei shouldn’t mean please just jump me from behind and start raping me and then Fremea somehow enjoy it and hope for it to happen again He believed that when a woman says no, she is waiting to be urged before making her final decision. In looking for redeeming qualities in this book, the only thing I can come dragoste in vremea holerei with is that it is a cautionary tale and demonstrates the opposite of love.

The good English dragoste in vremea holerei in me would start out by saying, “Well, we must take into account that this was written in a different time period You have got to be shitting me! I mean, dragoste in vremea holerei boring. Also, amongst the gross and awful things with this book.

For Fermina this love had been nothing more than her foolish adoration of an idealized romanceone that Got shattered by Florentino’s looksbecause she did not love Florentino himself, but ratherher romanticized idea of him.

Nobody’s love was convincing, especially not Florentino’s. Dragoste in vremea holerei hated it that every single time a character’s name was mentioned the first and the last name was used. To view it, click here. Ariza is completely un-likable as a protagonist and because Fermina finally gives in to him – well, I really didn’t like her either.

Open Preview See a Problem? Draogste skimmed read the second half of the book just to get it finished. He then spends the rest of his time on the boat trying to find her again dragoste in vremea holerei have more sex, being not-at-all negatively affected by his experience.