Digitech RP55 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech RP55 Owner’s Manual. Preview Digi Tech Musical Instruments RP55 Owner’s Manual Online and Download PDF Manuals & Instructions for FREE from Manualagent. 25 Apr The Digitecg RP55 is the easiest RP product to use. Restoring The Digitech RP55 to Default Settings Reference: Digitech RP55 Manual.

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Before applying power to anything, set your amp s to a clean tone and set the tone controls to a flat Digitech rp55 manual response on most amps, this would be 0 or digitech rp55 manual on the tone vigitech.

The Value buttons are used to change the value for the selected effect. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Bypass The RP55 presets can be bypassed for a clean, unprocessed guitar tone. Page 14 tuner mode by pressing either Footswitch. There are two different parameters used to program the delay, Delay Variation digitech rp55 manual Time. Turn your amplifier s on and adjust the volume s to a normal playing level.

When the Tuner is enabled, these buttons select the tuning reference. Understanding how these effects alter the sound helps you achieve the sound you are looking for.


Use the Value buttons to select one of the nine Detuner settings. Care digitech rp55 manual be taken so that objects do not fall and liquids are not spilled into the enclosure through openings. Factory Reset Cabinet Modeling is now enabled for all amp models in all presets. Pressing and holding both Footswitches accesses the Tuner.

In Edit mode, these buttons adjust the selected effect. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Before connecting the RP55, make sure that the power to your amplifier is turned off, and the power to the RP55 is disconnected.

The Up Footswitch increments, and the Down Footswitch decrements through the presets. Flange F1-f9 A Flanger uses dp55 same principle as a Chorus but uses a shorter delay time and adds To begin tuning, play digitech rp55 manual note on your guitar the neck pickup usually works best.

Footswitches – These 2 Footswitches are diigitech to select presets, access the Tuner, or bypass the RP Chorus C1-C9 A Chorus adds a short delay to your signal.

digitech rp55 manual

The Edit buttons move you through the Effect modules. Rear Panel Global Cabinet Modeling. Also See for RP55 Owner’s manual – 29 pages.

Cabinet Modeling is now enabled for all digitech rp55 manual models in all presets. Values cut the level of each band, 5 is flat no cut or boostand values boost the level of vigitech band. The following diagrams show the connections for some of these options. The delayed signal is modulated in and out of tune and then mixed back with the original signal to create a digitech rp55 manual sound, and stereo image.


Gp55 is your safeguard should a problem arise with your RP Any passive volume pedal can be used as an expression pedal with the RP Rotary Speaker r1-r9 Rotary Speaker is an emulation of a device that included a spinning horn and woofer. Tuner The Tuner in the RP55 lets you quickly tune or check digitech rp55 manual tuning digitech rp55 manual your guitar. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Pressing both Digitech rp55 manual simultaneously bypasses the selected preset. Page 5 If anything is missing, contact the factory at once. Use the Value buttons to select one of the nine Vibrato settings. The Front Panel 1. Use the Value buttons to select one of the nine Chorus settings.