14 May The Mangal Chandika Stotram is most sacred Hindu religious composition, which is said to be recited by none other than Lord Shiva himself in. Sri Mangala Chandika Stotram. Tamil Version · Youtube Link · Meaning. (Please use ‘zoom in’ for an enlarged view and ‘pop-out’ to download). shrIma~NgalachaNDikAstotram ||} OM hrIM shrIM klIM sarvapUjye devI ma~ NgalachaNDike | aiM krUM phaT svAhetyevaM chApyekavinshAkSharo manuH ||

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Ramachander The text of this stotra is given in various ways in different places and Chandika stotram have pieced out the complete prayer by consulting various places.

Mangala Chandika Stotram

Thatha sarvathra sampoojyaa babhuva sureswari, She is worshipped chandika stotram every world and cgandika lord of the vhandika worships her. Dear neel ji Can it be recited everyday times and also for wish like getting love or beloved person for love Regards.

Panchame Mangala kamkshi r narai mangala Chandika, First Lord Shiva worshipped the Goddess Sarva Mangala, Second she was also worshipped the planet Mangal marsThird she was worshipped by Bhadra Kali and also the king in auspiciousness, Fourth on a Tuesday she was also worshipped by the pretty womenFifth she was worshipped my men who wanted auspiciousness, Mangala Chandika stotram Translated by P. Deyascha dhyana stotrram sthavanam chandika stotram mune, Prayatha sankata grastho yena thushtava Sankara.

Thritheeye poojitha Bhadraa mangalena nrupena cha, Chathurthe Mangala vaare cha Sundari bhi prapoojitha, Prathame poojitha devi chandika stotram, Shive na sarva mangala, Dwitheeye poojithaa sa cha mangalena grahena cha, 9. Thanks Dev Raj Juneja. Slightly different text is given in http: The Mangal Chandima Stotra is especially effecting in removing Manglik Dosha, which creates severe obstacle in finding a suitable match for any chandika stotram or girl of marriageable age.

The goddess is of sixteen years ageand is blessed with permanent youth, She is blessed with all forms and chandika stotram good qualities, she has pretty form, she steals the mind, She is of chandika stotram colour of White Champa flower, she has the sparkle of chandika stotram of moons, She wears cloth purified by fire and wears ornaments studded with gems, She is bent due to the weight of her breasts and wears the garland of jasmine, She has lips of the colour of Bimba fruit, she has good teeth, chandika stotram is pure and is like the lotus flower of autumn.

Neel N May 16, at chandika stotram There is no mention about this in the text. I have Shani Mangal yuti in 4th place in my horoscope Dhyanam Devim Shodasa varsheeyaamsarva susthira youvanam, SArva roppa gunadyaam cha komalaangim manoharaam, Swetha champaka varnaam vhandika, Chandra koti SAmaprabham, Vahni shudhaam sukhaadhaanaam, rathna bhooshana bhooshithaam, Bibrathim Khabari baaraam mallika malya vibhooshithaam, Bimbhoshtim sudathim shudhaam sarad Padma nibhaananaam, Eesha dwasya prasannasyaam Suneelothphala lochanaam, Jagat dhatrim sttoram dhatrim cha Chandika stotram sarva sampadaam SAmsara sagare ghore potha roopaam varaam bhaje.

Will do it for 40 days can take the break f this.

Mangala Chandika Stotram –

Aditya Kaviraj Stotrram 14, at Shaggy Bombay June 15, at Stotranaanena Shambuscha sthuthwaa Mangala Chandikam, Prathi mangala vare cha poojayaam thath vaa gatha shivaAfter praising Mangala Chandika using this prayerEvery tuesday he worshipped her, and how much greatness did Lord shiva attain chandika stotram of it?

Chandika stotram Post Older Post Home. Good events will happen in their life and nothing which is not auspicious will ever happen to them. Stotra Link and meaning in hindienglish http: Oh sage let chanfika meditation and worship for her begin and please hear her prayer, Chandika stotram thus Shankara made those caught by sorrow as happy.

What is the Mangal chandika strotra. She who has auspiciousness at all times makes us succeed in all xtotram actions, She who is being worshipped on all tuesdays grants auspiciousness.

Please make me auspiciousOh chandika stotram one among auspicious, Oh bearer of auspiciousness in this world, who grants auspiciousness and chandika stotram.

And thus that Goddess became one who chandika stotram worshipped everywhere. Posted By Neel N at May 14, Chetanya Mundachali May 15, at 2: Chetanya Mundachali May chandika stotram, at 3: Chandika stotram Mangal Chandika Stotram is most sacred Hindu religious composition, which is said to be recited by none other than Lord Shiva himself in order to worship the Mother Goddess Chandika or Chandi Devi and seek her aid and blessings.

Dear Neel Ji Hari Om. So Shiva chanted this mantra to be debt free,to end his vasthu dosha and to settle his marriage issue. And the number of his sons and grandsons will increase and day after daythere would only be auspiciousness. Chandika stotram dishtathrudeviMangalaanaam mangaleSAmsara mangalaadhare, moksha mangala dhayini.

She looks pleased with a slow smile and has eyes which are like blue lotus, She is the mother of the universe, she is the mother and always gives wealth to all, And she is a boat to cross the ocean of domestic life and is blessed and I salute her.

If reciting the Mangal Chandika Stotra for a specific purpose, then it should be recited for 5 consecutive Tuesdays. Om Hreem sreem kleem sarva poojye chandika stotram Mangala Chandike, Iym kroom phat swahethyevam cha apya ekavinsakharo Manu. Poojitha prathi visweshu viswesa poojitha sadaa. Johnson Samuel May 15, at The text in Sanskrit is given in http: If the chandika stotram of auspiciousness of the goddess is heard with quite devotion, BY devassageskings as chandika stotram as menoh sage.

Can i recite this daily? The Mangal Chandika Stotra should chandika stotram recited in morning, afternoon and evenings on Tuesdays and if possible also on Fridays.

Can I do in mensuration time also.