The Secret Parchment: Five Tibetan Initiation Techniques, Paperback – Radu Cinamar – – After a hall of records was discovered beneath the Romanian Sphinx in. Mystery of Egypt – The First Tunnel, Paperback – Radu Cinamar – – Radu Cinamar stunned Mai multe din: Carti · Carte straina · Health, relationships & personal Prezentare Radu Cinamar stunned the world when he released his first book. download %%20Limba%20Romana/ Radu%20Cinamar%20%%20Viitor%20cu%20cap%20de% Icon for.

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I asked a Caesar. In the end, neither Cezar nor Signore Massini get all of what they want. If carti radu cinamar first meeting thinking carti radu cinamar make the game, apparently agreeing to work with them at the second meeting already knowing their perfidious intentions, I had I just pretend the decision until I cqrti to what really interests them, as was going to block access by revealing that carri top state issues.

Above all is the Bilderberg group, and within it there are three people who have ultimate discretion over the shares important ideas to be implemented across the planet.


It is clear that the option or choice you make, man can headed, carti radu cinamar speaking, to hell or hell or to heaven or paradise. The situation is even worse than one in which they knew nothing about plans satanic Freemasonry, because he knew and however, not to act in accordance with what you know is a big coward and a serious violation The basic moral code, in such a bad situation is not one who does not know, but it poorly at that, knowing, acting as if they knew.

If our venerable provide senior technology means we had to organize the rest in such a way that everything seem not only an ordinary action of diabetes. So, But evil] is the creative role of humans test. Caesar’s explanations I had built when I look at issues were still unclear from the story that first interview carti radu cinamar had with senior Massini. The main purpose of these mini-organizations is to block any attempt spiritual or social development and economic normality of the population, while creating impression that their work is very hard in these areas.

But most importantly it would have been carti radu cinamar about the very distant past of humanity and real history that was almost entirely counterfeit. In fact, it was more carti radu cinamar a monologue of his own, which calls for my hypothesis. Carti radu cinamar Discoveries of in the Bucegi Mountains The machine first drilled by a strange deviation of the magnetic field, but later corrected its trajectory.

The Secret Parchment: Five Tibetan Initiation Techniques, Paperback

In just a few tens of minutes, the whole operation been compromised. While Cezar paints a picture of unlimited potential, and he is certainly carti radu cinamar wrong about that, there is also an adversary which makes the task carti radu cinamar a formidable one.

The otherwise, that was really amazing foundation for development which would be made in the Bucegi mountains, shortly after the disclosure.

It was obvious that could not guestion of armed raids in force foreign troops in Romania regardless of reasons. This clarification was necessary for me to have a fair view cartu the current situation as wide mankind, certain subtle mechanisms and carti radu cinamar are beyond understanding and the profane some direct relationship between traditional handling of Freemasonry and the illusion most living human beings.

Radu Cinamar – Mystery of Egypt – The First Tunnel, Paperback – –

The diplomatic tension grew cinamag more rxdu as Washington demanded an urgent communication with the Pentagon generals at the scene of operations. Considerable effort went into this, and it was championed carti radu cinamar the Carter administration, but the Pentagon killed the program, carti radu cinamar S. However, my venerable guaranteed ultrasofisticat support of U.

They themselves know very well prophecies about the future of Romania and I know that most problems are will even in this part of the globe. Sure carti radu cinamar their actions were and are often very insidious, especially geared to blocking, for instance, any brilliant ideas, any great invention, that any gualitative leap able to improve the livelihood of the raadu. Just as Cezar seems to be placed by invisible spiritual means into a closely guarded high security area that represents deep import with regard to world events, so does David.

It is expected momentarily order declaring a state of emergency in the mountains and the capital. He would be a meeting full of valuable meanings and explanations, which culminated in finding the carti radu cinamar that senior Massini revealed a Caesar. According to what Radu has relayed, one of these tunnels was the province of the Americans.

They are the ones that give instructions for both counteract such invention or idea and for bringing carti radu cinamar inventor and dismay of a total state of depression, stress and helplessness. It seems that Romania has a very important mission in the years to come and the Reptilians also have this information.

In fact, as later determined measurements our data at the Pentagon, came to about forty vertical feet of However, between the Old Carti radu cinamar and Sphinx ofBucegi.

Others, however, are more obscured, for instance, the pyramid ‘All-seeing eye’ on top of them, represented not by accident on U. If you study the carti radu cinamar of control, let alone carti radu cinamar specific aspects of exopolitics, it stands to reason that the more powerful leaders of tribes and civilizations became, the more and more phenomena they encoun-tered or heard about.

He not only trained hard and long, he had a special knack for it. On a closer analysis, the wall inside the Grand Gallery seemed synthetic but also felt like something organic was part of it. Adviser on national security issues was cqrti that the energetic shield from Irag in Baghdad was suddenly activated, pulsating at a high freguency.

This book tells the story of the detailed political intrigues behind these remarkable finds and also how these rwdu have been subject to intervention by superior spiritual forces. It was presented as Senior Massini.

With a very serious carti radu cinamar, Caesar explained to me then that the fundamental element Human destiny is free will. The panic was due to the fact that this structure – carti radu cinamar larger and more complex than the one from I rag – is on Romania’s territory From Alexander: It was a rather long pause vinamar which we both remained deep in thought, in the end he xarti to speak, but carti radu cinamar voice could see a slight hint of sadness darti Unfortunately in our country the situation is identical.