Just started Athleanx1, I am in week 1 and saw an add pop up for tnt (pick extra body parts for extra $$$) Are they worth doing? Haven’t seen. However, Athlean-X decided to do the opposite by promoting their “direct response .. Athlean TNT = BodyPart Add-On’s To Existing Workouts. Scott Caradice to ATHLEAN-X · November 14, ·. Loving the T.N.T workouts. So far i’ve done the Chest De-containment (Monday) and the Deltoid.

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The only good part to my experience was I was issued a refund after the initial refund window was closed because Athlean X did not want to fulfill their obligation to be by providing me updates for life. In saying that I have chosen exercises for my pseudo TNT workouts that incorporate different muscle groups as well as the ones I am focussing on. So I start doing some research, and guess what?

TNT | Oscarbites Athlean-x & Visual Impact Blog

The secret to curling big weights …and more importantly, to unlocking bigger biceps complete with peaks!

I do not know when it was changed and taken off. Trust me, save your money and head to the websites I mentioned first and see for yourself.

Skip to the very bottom and read the introduction and work your way up from part 1 to part 4. For the first time ever, Jeff or whoever is actually behind athlean-x responded to a comment and called one of them a ‘little bytch troll’ or something like that.

My Biceps routine today was tough — very very tough — by the end of it I could barely do any atnlean my finisher exercise Hanging bent knee raises — my arms were completely fatigued so job well done!! Out of sight…out of athldan Now I can train safely and not worry about my bum shoulder and lower back injury.

Its really not an either or thing but more a point of emphasis. Originally Posted by GreekTrojan.


I also completed the Athlean-x TNT Biceps Gym version and not the home version as was in my schedule as I am still coming to grips with this routine and it is still new and athlaen to atlean. You can get a cheaper option for less money with probably much, much better results. DB Ext Rotator Arm raises, 4. I have the email to prove it and have posted the exact email on line in part 4 for all to see.

Still need to improve on these. I’ve been doing Jeff’s program for 3 weeks now and i have never felt so physically challenged in a gym before. Barbell Rows — 5 sets — pyramid athlfan — increasing weight each set and going light on the last set with drop sets in between. I have updated my progress chart with these results.

Athlean X Workout Review: My horrendous experience with Athlean X

Submit a new text post. BACK Out of sight…out of mind? Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

As far as marketing and supplements go, I understand their need to stay afloat and make a decent living out of their business. If you want the perfect frame for your abs, strong separation, a sculpted look from the side and a chest that pops out of your open shirt near the collarbone then you TNT Chest De-Containment was made for you!

There are no secret formulae or secret programs. You can still use TNT to put your non responding muscle group square in the crosshairs and blast it into submission.

How to maximize the crucial Time Under Tension for all the targeted muscles in your chest. Last edited by ironwill; at The training program is a work in progress and depending on results the number of sets and exercises can be changed.

They abandon you before you get that next level definition or ever put that elusive peak on top! As I kept researching, I saw more and more similarities between athlean-x and sixpackshortcuts, from the click bait titles to their claims that they have the only safe supplement out there. There are no magic programs.

Tricep pushdowns, 3 DB Tricep Dips, 4. Also if you do add TNT’s you your workout schedule will be 6 days or you can do them on bust training days. I would first do Athleanx 1 without TNT’s. Hey Folks, So my new training program officially kicks off tomorrow and I cannot wait to get started!!

Just from my point of view. My Log – https: In my schedule I had down to do the arhlean Consider this the only warning you’ll get. Physioball pullover crunch, 3. As mentioned I will be following a 3 day split with 2 days conditioning and weekends off.

Where the mind goes, the body follows. Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X is one of my favorite youtube fitness personalities.


Don’t be fooled by the flashy sales pitch. We’re still a new subreddit but we are growing everyday!

People pay for it because most people have no idea how to structure a proper workout and put together a meal plan. I learned more from him about biomechanics of exercises, injury prevention and smart exercise selection than anyone else.

Posted by rodney at 8: This way if you do repeat you will know which muscle group is weaker then the rest. I have find free of charge the best workout here in the forums.

Zthlean guys often have been training for many years using many different routines and probably illegal drugs too.

I highly encourage every reader and even Jeff because I doubt that Jake had informed him of everything going on between me and his company to read all 4 parts.